Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Premature Release - Care Package

Before I left for the conventions a fan contacted me to purchase my trip underwear.

At first I wasn't interested because the thought of carrying that many pairs of underwear with me over a month's time would result in a bag just for underwear.

We negotiated and the fan made it worth the hassle of carrying another bag.

30 days of underwear, unwashed.  Some worn for "dates" some worn to the gym, some worn to run in, some just worn on travel days.

There is dried cum in some, pee droplets and sweat.  After a month, some of it is getting pretty ripe.

Yesterday I boxed up the undies and shipped them off with the guy at the Fed-X counter.  The recipient should receive them today.

For some of you observant readers you may notice my  travel started on July 15 so yesterday was more than a month of undies..... true......  I didn't send the ones from when I was sick and added the last few days, yes, including gang bang day!

Each pair is dated and a brief commentary on what happened while wearing is attached.

I hope he enjoys them.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

#TAT - Tell All Tuesday, August 23

What up, what up, what up!?!?!??!

OK, studs, let's do this.

It's Tell All Tuesday and I am doing one question this week, so here goes.

From email:


You promised a story on what happened to the Aspen guy after he left you at the airport.  The guy you all gang-banged.

What happened?

YIKES, I'm sorry Stud, I completely forgot!

When we last saw the Aspen Blonde he was walking his well used ass into the airport.  If you forgot what happened to him, check it out here.

I received a text from him after going through security.  "OMG, my shirt rose up and everyone could see the marks on my back, I'm such a slut!"

Before take off I received another text.  "My asshole is so open right now, I feel like it could swallow up my seat."

The next morning we received a series of pics via text.  The Blonde had done an entire "show my abused ass" photo shoot in the bathroom of the plane.  (In case you aren't aware, plane bathrooms have the BEST lighting for photos!!!!!)  Needless to say, the pics were HAF!

He had to "rest" his ass for a few days, but then when he hooked up again, he was ready to get pounded.


In other news, one of the best bloggers in the business has also experienced some of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read about.  When the results of last week's Would You Rather poll came up, I "suggested" he send me a link to his hottest gang bang, YES, I shot a big creamy load reading about it, I am sure you will too!

Felching Pisser's - Gang Bang Competition


Monday, August 22, 2016

The Torch is Passed.....

Last night the torch was extinguished in Rio and passed to Tokyo for 2020.  From a selfish standpoint, I can't wait for TBS to get home, he will be filled with stories from his time there with the Olympian!

I thought it was worth it for us to look back at some of the athletes who made the 2016 Rio Games memorable.... you know, just for a historical perspective!

Looking forward to 2020!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Would You Rather.... August 21, the Daddy Edition

It's been a busy week.  Not really anything of importance happening, just BUSY getting back into the swing of things.

Sorry I have neglected you guys here on the blog, I just haven't had a lot to share.

With that said, let's just get into the Would You Rather Poll.

For much of the week it was close..... then all the power bottoms took over and BAM, gang-bang me won the day!


Be Gang Banged - 63%
Gang Bang - 36%

And now, for a new week....... a daddy edition!


 Rob Lowe
John Stamos


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tell All Tuesday - August 16, 2016

Hey guys,

So I think I am back to normal.

Yesterday was my first "normal" day since mid-July and it felt great.  Woke up early and went for a run, when I got back, Kevin was stirring so I cooked breakfast and we lounged around the house, had sex, showered and went about our day.  It was awesome.

It's Tuesday, (OK, I have to be honest, it is really Monday night and I am writing this to post for Tuesday)..... but anyway......It's Tuesday, so you know what that means..... ask your favorite whore anything you wanna know!

Let's do this.......

From Twitter

Now that you have been off for a few weeks, do you miss selling?  Of your regulars who do you miss the most?

Interesting questions.  Do I miss selling?  Yes and no, I mean it isn't like it has been a very long time since I worked, but I really do enjoy my "work."  I'm enjoying the time off, but miss the fun of what I do.

As for my regulars, there are two I have thought about more than the others......  300 because he is just great fun and a hot fuck AND Ross because of the potential of what I think he will become and because he is HAF and knows how to work my holes!



Have you ever done porn and would you do porn?

Thanks for the question Stud.  I have been approached to do porn and don't have any interest.  It just isn't my thing.   I love porn and love playing with porn stars, I just don't think I want to be one of them.



When you were in Philadelphia and Cleveland, I am sure you met a lot of famous people or at least saw them.  Were there any that disappointed you when you encountered them?

That is an awesome question!  As you know, I have a policy of not naming names, however there was one well-known tv personality from a cable channel that I ran into several times in our hotel.  I would imagine him to be a super nice guy and really fun.... WRONG!   Each time I saw him he had a pissed off look on his face and  didn't seem very nice to the people he worked with.  He just left me disappointed in the way he treated those around him and NO, I won't name him!  LOL


From Twitter

Have you heard from The Blond since he walked off into the airport with his fuck marks displayed on his back?

AAAHHHHH, yes we have, but that is a story for another day...... keep reading!


Have a great day Studs, love  you all!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Room 618

One afternoon sitting around the lake house, Kevin, The Aspen Blonde and I got into a conversation about our most intense sexual fantasies.

Each of us shared fantasies with the others.  Which ended in an awesome circle jerk and my face as the target for loads....... I LOVE a good bukkake!

Some of the things I shared I had never even told Kevin about and later that night, alone,  as the two of us were discussing what had come up, we talked about the things that had been revealed, it provided an insight for each of us that we had never considered.

As the conversation turned to The Blonde's list, it clicked for both of us that we could totally make his dreams come true.

We set our plan in motion by first determining our timeline, the place and eventually we laid out the plan.

Coming home on Monday instead of Wednesday allowed us even more time to put our plan in motion.  Kevin was in charge of the invite list and I was in charge of the logistics, by Thursday morning the plan was set.

The Blonde's flight home was Thursday evening at 8:45PM, he would need to be at the airport by 7:30.

We met The Blonde and the Benefactors at noon for lunch.  After lunch the three of us bid the Benefactors good-bye, and The Blonde was handed a thick envelope of appreciation for his stay.

In Kevin's car we headed to a hotel close to the airport.  When we arrived The Blonde questioned why we were there and I told him that we wanted to have some "us" time before he left.  We all smiled and rushed upstairs to the room Kevin and I had secured the night before.

Room 618

We got into the room and clothes started hitting the floor as we made our way from the sitting area and into the bedroom.

Kevin put The Blonde on all fours on the bed and started eating his ass,  while he did, I slid my hard cock into his throat and began a gradual fuck.

Once he had his hole prepped, Kevin opened the night stand and pulled out one of the many rubbers he had placed there the night before along with some lube.

Kevin lubed up and started fucking his hole.

I was enjoying the blow job and didn't hold back, as soon as he got me close I blew my load down The Blonde's throat and walked away from the bed while Kevin continued to fuck him on all 4's.

While he fucked him, I fished out the set of hand cuffs we had placed under the bed and lay them in front of The Blonde's face, just so he could see them.

The excitement was obvious, one of his fantasies was to be restrained and used,  you could tell he wanted this.

"Do you trust us?"  Kevin asked.


"Mean what you say, do you trust us?" Kevin repeated.


When he said it the second time, I took his wrist and cuffed it.



I cuffed the left hand and then looped another hidden restraint we had placed through his cuffed hands.

Kevin then re-positioned The Blonde to the foot of the bed, now his feet were on the floor, but the restraints kept his body flush to the mattress.

I took a jockstrap that we had brought with us and placed it on him so his dick and balls were neatly put away and then Kevin took his fuck into overdrive and pounded his hole.

Once he was ready to shoot his load, he pulled out and moved next to The Blonde's face, he picked up his own underwear, a pair of tighty whities and jacked off into them.  He then put the underwear in The Blonde's mouth.

After he shot his load, Kevin reached into the bedside table, pulled out a black Sharpie we had placed there the night before a ticked off a solid line above The Blonde's ass.

One of the other things we had discussed during our intimate talk about fantasies was our "safe words," Kevin looked into The Blonde's eyes and said "Black Diamond" the blonde shook his head yes.

With that, I tuned in a Playlist on my phone and left it full volume in the bedroom and Kevin and I walked out and into the main living area of the suite.

It was now 2:30 PM.

After hanging out in the living room for a bit, I walked into the bedroom, lubed up my cock and pounded it into The Blonde's hole.  I rode him for less than 5 minutes until I filled my rubber full with my second load, pulled off the rubber and poured it on the underwear still in the Blonde's mouth.

I took a marker and placed another black line next to Kevin's.

Before leaving the room, I took my final surprise out of the nightstand, a blindfold.  I put it over The Blonde's eyes and walked out.

At about 2:50 our first invited guest arrived.  Our buddy Mark was the first person Kevin and I thought of when we hatched our plan for The Blonde, we KNEW this was totally his kind of scene and would totally get into it.

He came in and immediately started undressing in the living room of the suite, he asked me if I wanted to "fluff him" I said of course and got on my knees and sucked him until he was hard.

When he was at full rise, Kevin told him, "fuck him like a bitch," no passion, he wants to be a cum dump.

Kevin told him about the marker, the rubbers and the underwear in his mouth.

Mark went in and within 10 minutes he was back in the living area.  His face was flush and you could tell he had given the dude everything he had.

We had watched him from outside the door, he had done everything perfectly, he entered quietly, reached down, pulled back The Blonde's hair and head and he entered him and pounded away.  After he came, he unloaded the rubber onto the underwear in his mouth and then made a third mark above his ass.

"He's a decent piece of ass, but I've had better" he said as he winked at me.

Mark left and a few minutes later the next guy arrived.  A mocha black guy with a big cock, probably mid-40's.  Kevin and I had met him through friends and knew he would get off on the scene.... he did.   He pounded away at The blondes' hole and when he left less than 20 minutes after arriving a 4th mark was on his ass.

We had a nice break before the next guests were to arrive, so Kevin went into the room and whispered to the Blonde, "do you trust us?"


We then got dressed and left.  It was around 4.

Kevin and I went downstairs to the bar and had a drink, The Blonde was left in the room, restrained to the bed.

Around 4:45 we went back to the room, we quietly entered and we each rubbered and lubed our cocks.  We took turns pounding The Blondes hole.  We never said anything as we didn't want him to know it was us.

We deposited our loads on the underwear and marked 5 and 6 on his ass.

Load number 7 was a plant and also a test for the Blonde to how serious he was about fulfilling his fantasy.

A heavy-set guy Kevin knows was next.  Very hairy, Italian, short and fat with as Kevin described it a micro-cock.

His role was different than all the others, he was to remove the blindfold off the blonde and fuck him with the Blonde watching the action in the mirror.

He did as he was instructed and The Blonde took it like a champ, a cum dump champ.  The 7th line was applied next to the others.

While Kevin greeted our final guests, I went into the room to check on The Blonde.  I gave him some water and made sure he was OK, the raging hard-on in his jock made it obvious, he was.

A pair of muscle S&M daddies were the grand finale.  They oozed sex from the moment they walked in the room.

They are infamous in the community, they have been together for years and satisfied many fantasies and been the centerpiece of many sex parties in the community.

Bald, bearded, pierced, tatted, muscular, total gay daddy dreams.  These two are a couple and outside the bedroom the sweetest guys you will ever meet, inside the bedroom, they are animals.

When they walked into the bedroom, they began a constant verbal assault that never ended.  The underwear in The Blonde's mouth was replaced by ass.  It was 5:30.

For the next hour, these two men used The Blonde without mercy.  Each one of them fed him a load and also gave his ass a thorough workout.

The men, each left their marks, dressed and left.

We went into the room and began to release The Blonde.  Kevin and I shared his dick and sucked out a huge load.

The three of us lay on the bed together and The Blonde thanked us, we had made his dreams come true......

Restrained and used.... check

Fucked by a group of anonymous men..... check

Turned into a cum dump...... check

Gang banged..... check

And now the fun began, we had timed it so that unbeknownst to him, he would have no time to shower or freshen up before his trip to the airport.

We all got dressed and rushed to the airport.

As we hugged on the sidewalk outside our car, Kevin said to him "and now, your final fantasy is about to come true, you have been ridden hard, put up wet and now you must do the walk of shame down a busy sidewalk."

We waived as we watched him walk away, still wearing the 9 black permanent marker marks just above the band of his jeans.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Would You Rather..... 8.14.16

Let me just say thanks for the kind messages from you all while I have been under the weather.

Getting home was wonderful, but slowing down and getting back to my regular schedule led to me sick and in bed.

Kevin was there beside me, we have now seen each other at our worst and I am still in love with him and I think he still loves me!

Travel is awesome, but my diet sucked, I didn't get my regular level of exercise or rest and it just all caught up with me.

We are both feeling better now, so again THANKS!

On another note, we have heard from TBS a couple of times.  He is in Rio with The Olympian, they seem to be having a great time.  We caught a glimpse of him in the audience at a couple of events so far.

I can't wait for him to get back, TBS is one of our best friends and the stories should be awesome.

Before I begin, I know I still owe you a story, I promise I will get it done this week, but as info.... this week's Would You Rather Poll topic will give you a hint about the story content!

Now let's check out last week's poll.

After seeing nude shots of Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, who have an on-going feud, I thought it would be interesting.......


Naked Orlando Bloom - 83%
Naked Justin Bieber - 16%

I'll admit it, I am WAY in the minority on this one.  Orlando Bloom is hot, but that extra skin is just a no go for me.  PLUS, I'll admit it, I would be Justin Bieber's bitch any time, any place, anywhere!

And for this week, a little hint for the story to come.....


Gang Bang


Be Gang Banged

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